5 exercises to get rid of shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is any physical discomfort in the shoulder which could be in the joint itself, muscle or ligament or tendon that support the joint.

Causes of shoulder pain :-

1. Fractures, 

2. dislocation,

3. excessive athletic activities

4. repetitive weightlifting

5. pinched nerves of neck

6. instability of shoulder joints

7. frozen joints

Some common causes :-

1. Bad postures

2. daily household activities like washing walls, hanging curtains

3. sprain

4. severe strain

5. sleeping on one side

Shoulder pain have relatively become common in children and youngsters mainly due to the lifestyle, sitting in front of laptops or mobile screens with heads and necks pushed forward commonly cause shoulder pain while the overall stagnant position keeping the body stiff.

However, you can get rid of shoulder pain by doing few stretches and exercises, let’s get into them:-

1. Shoulder circles

Stand or sit with the back straight in upright position, let your arms hang by your sides and roll your shoulders behind you in a circular motion. 5 to 10 of shoulder circles are a good start. After a few reps, you can change direction and roll the shoulder reverse the same number of times. These are easy to do and give some instant relief to your shoulders.

2. Upper trap stretch

Standing or seated stretch place your right hand on your lower back with bent elbow, place your left hand on top of your shoulder and gently pull your head to the side of your shoulder. Do not pull it with too much force. Do it for 30-45 seconds and then repeat on other side. This gives instant relief not only to your shoulder but neck and upper back as well. Try now while reading the article:)

3. Cross arm stretch

Bring your left arm across front of body at about chest level, stretch it by letting your right arm support the elbow crease of your shoulder. Stretch out your shoulder and continue to face forward. Hold the stretch for around 30 seconds and then repeat on the opposite side. You will feel the stretch in your shoulder and upper back. This can also help you with upper body flexibility.

4. Chest expand

Broaden across your chest more like a puffed chest as your move your shoulder blades toward each other. Keep your chin lifted. Hold for up to 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. This involves you chest muscles or PEC muscles. Although this can be performed without any equipment but doing it with exercise band, strap or towel (behind your back with both hands) can be proved to be little more effective.

5. Shoulder squeeze

This exercise works particularly the central muscles of the back called the Rhomboids. For this you need to raise your arms to shoulder height, elbows bent and palms forward. Move your arms back, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for 10 seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat 5 times. It is also specifically prescribed to improve posture and avoid ’rounded’ shoulders.

Some other ways of getting rid of shoulder pain:-

Neck release, seated twist, cold compress, heat therapy, massage, pain medication, rest, physical therapy can all help you with shoulder pain.

In case of prolonged pain or serious injury one must consult a doctor.

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