How to reduce hip fat?

First of all, let’s understand what do we exactly mean by hip fat.

The outward area around hips where fat accumulates is generally regarded as hip fat. When the consumed calories exceeds the burnt calories, this hip fat along with the overall body weight start to increase.

But it’s not always because of the unhealthy lifestyle. In case of women, they tend to have more fatty lower body i.e the region near hips and thighs have more accumulated fat as compared to men as the lower body supports the abdominal region or the mother’s womb in pregnancy. But does that mean one can never be in shape ?

Well, fortunately that’s not the case.

Men or women, the tips given below can help any of them to reduce hip fat and achieve their desired body shape.

Foods to avoid

Avoid eating pizzas, pastas, burgers and food having high quantity of sugar including pastries, cakes, sweetened drinks and artificial fruit juices. Avoid too salty or too spicy foods or snacks. Also avoid any kind of processed foods, the ingredient might be healthy but the processing makes it harmful for your health. For example: boiled potatoes are healthy but chips and French fries are not. Similarly, rather than having a packaged apple juice, you can simply choose to eat a apple. This can be little unpleasant for your taste buds but does not come at the cost of your health, rather these alternatives are much healthier and better.

Food tips to follow

Food tips to follow: Eat a lot of fruits, drink plenty of water, try having protein from a lot of sources, be picky in selecting your cooking oil and also the quantity used, instead of eating plain white rice and white bread, eat brown rice and brown bread, have whole wheat grains. Have variety of vegetables in your plate. Last but not least, eat in small portions.

Exercises options to burn hip fat

1.  Brisk Walking

Now brisk walking might not sound mind blowing in the burning hip fat, but it can bring significant results if done the right way. 30 minute brisk walking in the morning can help control blood pressure and tone the lower body. You can also start from walking 15-20 minutes 3 times a week and can increase by slowly breaking your comfort level.

2.  Squats, jump squats, or squats with weight

Position with your legs wide and keeping arms in front for balance, and bend trying to keep your back straight. Starting with 5-10 normal squats, you can go on with jump squats, squats with dumbbells or can simply increase the number of squats as per your endurance.

3. Fire hydrants

A super effective exercise to workout with the hip fat of your body. Try doing 10 repetitions with right and then left leg. You can also start with 5-5 repetitions( 5 for each leg) for slow but consistent process.

4. Other exercises

You can also try other workout techniques like side lying leg raise, wall sits or can also bring minor changes in your daily routine like avoiding lift and taking stairs because small steps taken makes a large impact 🙂

Finally, start small but start today.

Also note: You don’t have to start following all the instructions on day one and then end up following none by day four. Just try all the tips and see what works best for you. You don’t have to be an extremist, just be consistent.

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